Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Ursula K. LeGuin

052615_2031_writersquot1I found a quote this week that just about says it all for me. It’s from Ursula K. Le Guin, who wrote a book called ‘The Lathe of Heaven’ which my youngest daughter has been metaphorically smacking me over the head with for the last few years. OK, darlin’, now I’ve seen this quote I have no choice — no choice at all but to read it.


uesula leguin

This, truly, is what I, as an author, want more than anything else in the universe — for people to read the words that pour out of my mind and onto those pages and bring them alive; each in his or her own unique imagination, so that every time my words are read there is a NEW story. A special story that only exists in one person’s mind. Their own awesome interpretations of the characters and places I dreamed up but I will never truly know, because their minds gave them life.


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  1. That is excellent Wendy. I agree. When I write I want people to see the images in their minds that my words send to them. Well done! ❤


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