Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Sir Terry Pratchett


Check out Colleen Chesebro’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday this week at Silver Threading!

I wanted to follow Colleen’s choice of a quote on darkness by Dean Koontz and found a great one by our beloved Sir Terry Pratchett. Sir Terry was loved by millions and the dying of his light leaves a very dark hole.

PRATCHETT LIGHT AND DARKI thought about those dark times in books where the enemy always seems to lurk just where our heroes invariably seem to end up. Sometimes, they set out to find the darkness and sometimes the darkness falls suddenly, and our heroes are forced to fight back, no matter how unprepared they are.

Without such conflict, there is really no story. As writers, we send the darkness ahead and the reader hopes the hero wins.

But WE write the end of the story…


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  1. I love this quote, Wendy. We need the darkness in order to create tension. Besides, it is delicious to be frightened… 😁💗

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