Flash Fiction – Lake Wedding

I entered an ‘under 100 words’ flash fiction contest. I didn’t win but I thought I’d share it with you all, just for fun! 🙂

Lake Wedding

The body lay floating face-down in the lake, a strange spectacle; veil and voluminous skirts undulating gently on green water, surrounded by orange roses.

One year ago, she was to have been married. Today, Eleanor picked flowers from her garden and dressed in front of her mirror. And then, mind unhinged, she had gone to find James.

Her tortured heart led her to their sanctuary; the unaccustomed stilettos had done the rest. Struggling to escape the clasping weeds, she saw the glint of his silver Jaguar below her and reached out her hand.

In her mind, church bells rang.


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  1. I loved it Wendy. Gosh I thought I had already pushed the follow button on your Blog…well, I’m following now. Now, mind you it is chilly here in Canada this morning, but I got shivers when I read “… she saw the glint of his silver Jaguar below…”

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