With Love from Your Memory…


Do you ever wonder at how, just occasionally, you are asked a question that you wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of remembering the answer to if you stopped and thought about it? Instantly, the synapses in your mind connect and you have suddenly said the answer aloud. More often, it seems, we attempt to dive into our ever-growing pool of memory and find ourselves drowning in the minutia of our lives. With our conscious minds, we fail to notice the gently glowing thread that could lead us directly to what we seek.

It’s one of those ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ moments. The path back to the answer is hidden. We stare so hard at those trees that our vision warps and we wouldn’t be capable of recognizing the answer if it galloped up to us and bit us on the nose.

Isn’t it a shame that the library of our memory doesn’t run on the Dewey Decimal System? Instead, memories appear to be triggered by other memories that are even harder to track down. A smell can throw you back in time. A sudden visual clue can release a flood. The tart, sweet taste of tangerine can mentally deposit you in an orchard on a warm summer’s day, listening to the sound of bees humming and feeling the sun’s caress on your skin. A particular shade of burgundy transports you to a mulberry tree on the other side of the world where the fallen fruit stains the ground under the tree like the site of a massacre.

Gut instinct isn’t a fuzzy, illogical fantasy.

It is those instances when the mind puts it all together for you in a package, tied with a bow.

The card that comes with this precious gift says “You’ve been here before. You have experienced this. This raised heartbeat or the feeling of a knife twisting in your soul is a message from yourself to let you know you can trust this person or that you should RUN, and run FAST.

With much love from the circuitous labyrinth of your memory. XXXXX.”


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  1. What a beautifully written piece, and it really touched me. I’ve recently been jogged into memories that go back almost 40 years. That thing of a smell taking you right back into a moment is extraordinary.

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