#Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Things you don’t need.


This week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday from Colleen Chesebro of Silver Threading featured a quote about Alan Rickman’s character, Severus Snape.  My heart still hurts from the loss of this amazing actor; photos of him with the younger actors from HP show just how much he loved and respected them. To me, this made his portrayal of Severus Snape even more stunning. Now, when I re-watch his performances in Harry Potter, I think I see the glimmer of the breaking heart inside the character. I’ve read that J.K. Rowling entrusted Rickman with a golden nugget of information about the truth of Snape’s character and he certainly channeled that truth. You will be missed, Alan. ♥

My quote this week is from another movie great, James Cameron.

cameron quote

I believe this quote shows Cameron’s opinion on the things we don’t really need or want to be successful as authors.

What IS required? I came up with this list, but if you think of anything else that should be added, please, please comment! ♥





Knowledge of the writing process

Love… of books, of stories, life, yourself, and of your readers!


Have a blessed week. ♥


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