Recycling Magic…



I could always count upon my nana

When I needed baskets of fresh words.

Just picked –

So sweet –

And so delicious!


I would roll them on my tongue,

Tasting each, and every one

And I built them


New and different



The ultimate recycler,


Sift swiftly though

Her treasures

For each word is like a tiny bite of magic.


You can never suck the strength out of a word

As long as there are writers

Who will prize them

And lift them high

And glinting in the sun

Building steps to lift




Take them out,

Craft a tale

Build of them

Fun and fantasy


Build laughter.


Craft darkness

And a light to journey home by.


Shape characters you’ll never feel alone with

Then let them take the words

And build

More tales.


Wendy Anne Darling, 2016.


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