Wendy’s Big “Mis”Adventure

Hi, everybody! It’s me… Colleen from silverthreading.com. I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Wendy is going to be missing in action from her blog for a bit. I will be filling in as much as I can while she is recuperating.

She spent the weekend with her daughter’s family at the Tiny House Jamboree that was held in Colorado Springs. She had a grand time camping and enjoying herself.

When it came time to pack up the tent, there was Wendy, working away pulling out a tent-peg. Suddenly, she fell and found that her leg would not move. She had broken her hip!

Say what .

Yup! She did it this time. She has had surgery and is still in the hospital here in the Springs. My husband, Ron and I did stop in today to check on her. She said that had to place a pin in her pelvis. I brought her chocolates, so hopefully that will help to get her on the mend and on the road to recovery! ❤

Please make sure to wish her well. Here is the link to her Facebook. Stop in and say hello. I know she is going to need many prayers to heal and become mobile again.

Wendy in hospital

Wendy after surgery on 8/9/16

The best part of our amazing writing community is the love we share for our fellow bloggers. Please stop by and let Wendy know that she is dearly missed.

Get wel soon

In fact, it is going to become imperative that her new business, Bookxeedo Book Covers, gets off the ground. Remember, if you are looking for affordable book covers, Wendy will surely help you out.

Take care and please stop by and say hello to Wendy. I will see you soon!





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    • Thanks for your well wishes. We take care of our own and help when needed. I’ll pass on your sweet messages. She needs many prayers! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Here we are on September 8th… one month since I broke my hip. I was told that breaking a hip in a fall adds trauma and additional pain that doesn’t tend to happen in planned replacement operations.

    I honestly wouldn’t know. All I can tell you is , it hurt worse than childbirth; I never thought I’d say that!

    I finally returned home on August 24th, still disorientated from pain meds, and with a 3 month supply of them to keep me going. One week after arriving home I stopped taking the meds. One week on and I’m putting full weight on the leg and walking with crutches; simply to balance myself. I am stunned by the progress. My brain is just about clear of the side effects of the meds now. That stuff did NOT agree with me AT ALL! I could write a horror story about Day 3. :/

    Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, wishes and positive vibes sent my way. ♥ I am so very grateful.

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  2. Hugs to you Wendy. I am so happy to know you are recuperating and starting to get around better. I love hearing that. It’s time for you to get well and start writing again. I miss your prose! ❤


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