Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Goodbye, sweet sun…

052615_2031_writersquot1Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday over at Silver Threading! Check out Colleen’s fabulous Fall poem. ♥



This year, especially, I begrudge the start of Autumn. After breaking my hip 4 weeks ago, I felt as if I was forced to merely observe the second half of summer through shaded glass, from a hospital bed. So, it is with a certain sense of sadness that I step outside and feel the changes in the air. Soon, the violent winds will come and rip the leaves from the trees. Soon, the first snow will be upon us, though the last one feels too recent.

My dreams and plans will NOT be derailed; I shall not long allow this grieving, but, meanwhile, I cry for summer and write poems about its passing. Judging by e.e.cummings’ quote, he felt the same as I do. 😉


Two poems for you:


I will not apologize for loving summer,

For reveling in the warmth of the sun,

For worshipping the myriad greens of life and growth.

But, here comes Fall, once again,

The cold and blustering thief of my happiness.

It strips away the heat, and the flowers,

And the leaves with such a force

That I cannot call it fall or autumn…

Thief of Summer –

I name you ‘Snatch.’

… wendy anne darling 2016



Flowers and I stood,

Fearless in the face of Death…

Prior to the Fall.

…wendy anne darling, 2016


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  1. Wendy, I loved your poems. I know it feels like you lost some of your summer, for sure. Hopefully, you will be up and around in no time. It is so great seeing you here and I am glad you are. Hugs to my sweet friend! ❤


  2. Hugs to you, too, precious! ♥ I won’t be sad for long… how can I be; on crisp, sunshiny, Colorado days; even when it’s cold, the sight of the snow-capped mountains thrills and warms my soul. To be honest, this autumn feels more like a cocoon, and I will take comfort in it and grow strong in time for the spring. I have a lot of living and work to do, Somehow, the hope always bubbles to the surface, and I have new wings to grow.

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  3. Hello. I’m so sorry you feel that way about the coming of fall. I love summer so I can understand feeling like you’ve missed it. I’m still trying to hang on to the last few days myself. I hope you feel better soon. Heartfelt poetry.


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