Getting back to writing. I’ve been writing various pieces to get back in the saddle and take back my life. Here’s something I completed recently that’s a little out-of-the-ordinary for me! It might freak you out. Sorry!



Chapter 13:


Be honest… the truth of the matter is that you wouldn’t have bought this book if it you didn’t believe it was about YOU.

Am I right? Or am I right?

“Come on!” you say, “I knew you had this kind of treachery in you! I knew you didn’t have what it takes. I knew you’d break down when the going got tough. I profiled you.”

It has always amazed me how your mind and body work as one to get what you need to survive. There’s a deep psychology behind that.

Did you know?

Yes – you. Did you know that?

Think about it. Come on – humour me! I’m not here for you to scream at any more – I am only words upon a page. You may feel free to curse this book until it quivers in its cover. You may throw it at a wall so many times the pages fall out.

But I am not there. I cannot hear you cursing.

And so… congratulations!

I can see you in my mind’s eye. As you have read these final lines, your fingertips caressing each personally printed line to help you keep your place and absorb my words – you have done just that – absorbed them.

I am grinning as I write this. I am imagining your eyes widening and your jaw dropping. Told you I was clever!

No – no point in stopping now. You don’t have time to wash the poison from your fingers.

Don’t you wish now that you’d been content with the Kindle version?

Farewell, my love.



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