‘Footsteps’ – @CarrotRanch #flashfiction

January 18th, 2018 Carrot Ranch Flash fiction. 99 words.CARROT RANCH


Here comes Mum in her latest pair of high heels. How I miss the cadence of her steps!

Boxes lay strewn on the floor all around me; sexy boots standing in an ordered row of ‘most desired’ to ‘not on your life.’ On my feet, soft, TARDIS blue leather with a row of sweet, golden buttons and a heel that makes me look 5’7”, instead of my normal 5’3”.

In the mirror, I see, not my own face, but hers, and, remembering the clicking of my mother’s heels, I realize, with sadness, that I must be a grownup now.

Wendy Anne Darling, A Mythical Menagerie, 2018


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  1. This was such a beautiful story and that second paragraph is magnificently detailed and descriptive. “TARDIS blue” 🙂 I want to own something – anything – in that color!

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