Monarch Butterfly -a #Haibun


“I’m in the garden!” Mum’s voice bounces off the glass walls of the greenhouse, happy and content, pottering around with her tomatoes. This is where she thrives – out in the sunshine and the rain – her fingers, quite literally – green with her love of all that grows.

And now, she is here – every day her joyous flight brings her close to my patio windows – saying “Hello, my darling!” before she cares for my garden.


Monarch butterfly
Fluttering through my garden;
Mum, I know it’s you –
Tending your precious babies –
As you did last time around.
Wendy Anne Darling – Β© August 2018.
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  1. This poem is incidental of a visit from my mother to my daughter. An owl flew into our roof. It only stayed a moment to watch us. Mother loved owls. It felt like a visit only a few months after she passed. dgkaye is right about reminders. It takes a special poet to remind us.

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