Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 99, “Change & Defy,” #SynonymsOnly

Come and join us for this week’s #Tanka Tuesday, Synonyms for this weeks challenge are DENY and CHANGE.


Bathing in the light,

I fight the depths of darkness

And transform my soul.


For there’s no home for hatred

Where pure compassion dances.


Afraid to show yourself — I see you there, shivering though the sun shines — your fear cripples as it holds your ransomed soul in chains. But know this, dear one; the darkness must evaporate when opened to the light.


Wendy Anne Darling, © 8-30-2018


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  1. Excellent poem, Wendy! Darkness diminished when the heart is open to the light.

    I love your cover designs of Colleen’s books. She highly recommended you to me.

    I would like to purchase your book design service.

    I have just finished compiling my poetry collection and lined them up in a Word doc. 3X9 size, and it came to about 120 pages. I have not finished the pages before page 1 of the poetry, and have not finished the several pages after the last page of the poetry. I would say it’s about 130 pages when it’s all done.

    I’m doing self-publishing with editing and publishing assistance. I read the recent blog posts about the end of Create Space. My publishing assistance has experience in Create Space and Kindle publishing.

    I have all the specs of the poetry and the title of the book is Songs of Heartstring. I got a sample image that I got from Google search and did some cropping.

    I’m on a mini vacation so I’ll send you more detail when we return home on Friday.

    Keep in touch.

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