“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party” is a phrase used by an early expert on the use of the Remington typewriter by Frank E. McGurrin in 1889. Wiki *

It’s an old phrase that was often used in typing practice, back when my granny was a boy. It’s been popping into my mind frequently lately, like a flashing red warning. Over time, it’s been used and changed and now I’m claiming it for us; the writers.


Under the category of writers, I’m including all who have the gift of crafting thoughts, ideas, and concepts into words and works that provoke and encourage readers to think clearly and to examine and clarify the writer’s own, personal truths. What do you believe is wrong with the world? What is right and disperses darkness? How can things be changed?

Every writer’s personal truth will NOT be the same; each will be unique in its interpretation of the problems and challenges ahead of humankind and this planet we live on. Some will veer to extremes and some may be middle-of-the-road but some of you will bring up concepts that have either never been brought up before or that have been spoken of but not understood. Those of you who can accomplish such clarity will be a shining light in the darkness.

Where does your passion lie? Is it for the poor? The oppressed? For our world? You can write your truth as non-fiction or set in a fictional base. You can write it as a story, as a poem, or as a one-line billboard, if you so wish.

However you structure it, the most important thing is that you WRITE IT, and, with honesty and love, you set it loose to alter our path.


Wendy Anne Darling (aka The Green Elf)


*”Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” is a phrase first proposed as a typing drill by instructor Charles E. Weller; its use is recounted in his book The Early History of the Typewriter, p. 21 (1918).[1] Frank E. McGurrin, an expert on the early Remington typewriter, used it in demonstrating his touch typing abilities in January 1889.[2] It has appeared in a number of typing books, often in the form “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”[3] (


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    • Often, simply writing from your point of passion works best. When you really need to say something important and you write it raw, people can feel the urgency in your words. I really believe that the vast majority of the people have been brought up and educated to be the slaves of the 1% and it makes me angry to see how they’re being treated. Quite literally SPENDING their entire lives for someone else’s profit.


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