UPDATE! By the end of day one of advertising Bookxeedo, one lucky author has already jumped at the chance to have a cover designed for 50% off the normal rate! Four more 50% off specials left! A Message from BOOKXEEDO and the artist, Wendy Anne Darling Back in ‘the old days,’ (you know; the days […]

Welcome to the Haiku challenge! Check it out here. Challenge words for the week are ‘sizzle’ and ‘sleek.’ I try my best to keep up with modern-day ‘speak,’ but sometimes it just evades me! 😀 AN OLD FART’S TAKE ON MODERN LANGUAGE by Wendy Anne Darling:   Save

Happy Friday!  I hope you’re King or Queen of your weekend. 🙂 In honor of Friday, here’s a little bit of fun that I just completed. Enjoy! OVERRULED…   King struts his male stuff all around the back yard… “This rock is mine! I pee on you!” Dog rules. “Think’st thou this barbeque belongs to […]

GOODNIGHT, LEXI-BEAR   And so, the day comes, when yet another friend goes home. When all sins are forgiven When they glow like a saint with a wonky halo.   When we choose to forget the multitudinous mornings That we picked up trash and uttered curses Stepping on coffee grounds and squishy somethings After another […]

POETRY and MAGIC   Does it scan? Does it flow? Does it set your heart aglow? Do the lyrics Lift your spirits From the depths? Sometimes it doesn’t And sometimes it can But it Really Doesn’t Need to Rhyme Anyway.   Build the words Like a trail – Circumnavigating planets And reach out for those […]

Message from Wendy Anne Darling “I have always believed that one should keep a wary eye on one’s enemies, so – Geoff Le Pard – I have corralled your recipe in a locked file and am hoping I can brainwash myself into forgetting where I put the key. If anybody finds me wandering, babbling wildly, […]

Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week’s challenge word is ‘REBIRTH.’ Yesterday, I saw a video posted on Youtube of J.K. Rowling, talking about failure, It is one of the most heart wrenching and inspiring things I’ve ever seen and so jammed packed with fabulous quotes that I could NOT pick just one and […]