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Your book cover is one of the most important aspects of the marketing of your book. No matter how much time you spend getting people to your book sales page or author blog, they will not download a sample or buy your book if the cover isn’t enticing to them.

Why do you need a book cover, anyway?

Because you’re a creative soul. Deep down you know what you want your book cover to look like. The issue is, you just need someone to make it for you.

However, your book cover isn’t a place to be purely creative. A book cover is meant for marketing, as well. In fact, it’s one of the best online advertisements you can have for your book.

Wendy Ann Darling

That’s where Bookxeedo can help. Hello, my name is Wendy Dudek, aka Wendy Anne Darling.

As a graphic artist, I am here to help you with the creation of all your book cover needs. I keep my pricing simple and my terms are easy to follow. Payment is made through my PayPal Account.

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Bookxeedo charges between $60 and $150 for a full front-and-back cover that will work perfectly on CreateSpace. After the work is complete, I will be happy to redesign your cover for the eBook version for an additional $20.

I have been helping my friends out artistically for many years. Yes, some of my designs take a lot of work and I’d be happy to give you a very reasonable quote for my original designs based on your ideas. But, if that’s not affordable, I still want to help you with the best possible covers at excellent prices. I want to see every indie author’s baby dressed for success…

Bookxeedo will design a simple cover for you using your own photography (or photography that you have been granted the right to use).

What I will need from you:

  1. Ideas about what you’re looking for.

What is the genre? What is the story about? Tell me about the important characters.

  1. The photo, or a choice of photos you wish to use for your cover.

Please note that CreateSpace demands graphics be a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch). This is likely to be a better resolution than your average cell phone camera can manage. If I do have to use a lower resolution, it will need to be shrunk until it can hit that 300 ppi mark. This could mean your photo might end up only a couple of inches wide or tall.

  1. Permission.

Your choice of photo or graphic must be yours to use. Please send me only photos you have taken yourself or that somebody else owns the rights to and allowed you to use. I will not use any photos or other graphics without a written statement from you saying you have this permission. I take copyright issues very seriously.

While I am working on your design I will email you small roughs in JPG format. I will require the agreed upon payment to be made via PayPal before I send the final, correctly formatted artwork.

  1. Please check out CreateSpace’s cover sizes and also get as close as you can to working out the final thickness of the finished physical book. Check it out here:

I will need a good estimate of your chosen cover size and how thick the spine of the book will be before I start work.

Please note: Final tweaks are usually necessary as the width of the spine will change dependent on the cover size you choose, font, size, interior formatting, etc.

Please note: Any artwork that I draw and create is priced separately and negotiable. My photographs are available for an additional cost of $10 per photo. My photos will be slowly uploaded to this page.

Please feel free to Email me at to discuss all of your book cover needs.

  1. Please NOTE:

If you are thinking of purchasing the right to photos, please check out images at the following Licensed Stock Images sites and send me the images you like & links to them, I can verify their availability and license conditions and get back to you if there are any serious restrictions.

I have an account with 123RF, so there would be no extra charges involved for you, but can purchase images from the others if you are willing to pay extra to cover their cost)

OR, any other Licensed Stock image sites you find.

FREE STOCK PHOTO SITES CAN BE DANGEROUS. BEWARE! You cannot safely use them for book covers because of the potential for copyright infringement.

Keep your design ideas simple. The Design Industry recommends covers to be ‘Simple and Relevant’ to your story.

Send details of any brands you use, ie:

  • Fonts used on previous covers in the same series (provide font name),
  • Font Layouts used,
  • Style of cover,
  • Logo or your photo (send logo / photo), etc. Minimum 300 ppi (or a large enough image to shrink it down to 300 ppi). If you don’t know the resolution (ppi count), please email me and I’ll check for you.
  1. Title?
  2. Author Name?
  3. Genre?
  4. Back Cover Blurb?
  5. How many pages do you think the POD version will have? (I need to know this so that I can use the correct CreateSpace template size)


I place a blank space on the back cover for the Barcodes and ISBN numbers – I leave a space for CreateSpace to install them.

Please make sure to credit me and Bookxeedo in your book for the cover – “Bookxeedo, by Wendy Anne Darling.” I also request your permission to add your book cover to my blog’s Published Book Covers Section.

My promise to you:

  • Any assistance I can give you in the cover selection process
  • Unique book cover designs to capture the heart of your book
  • Carefully selected fonts chosen especially for your cover.
  •  I will perform a reasonable number of revisions. (Please don’t make me be the judge of what is reasonable! :D)
  • The rights to use your cover as you want
  • Royalty Free Images and my original artwork are extra and will be figured into your final price ahead of any agreement.
  • Confidential and secure transmissions

I look forward to helping you with your cover needs!

  • You are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase any cover I design. That being said, if you withdraw from the agreement with me to provide a cover and your published book’s cover looks very similar to the design Bookxeedo provided, I do pay a retainer for possible legal representation. In other words; my artwork is priced reasonably and fairly. Please be fair with me.

Remember, as a graphic artist and an author, I am here to help you with the creation of all your book cover needs. I keep my pricing simple and my terms are easy to follow. Payment is made through my PayPal Account here:
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By Marjorie Mallon





6x9 Swamp Fairy



A Message from BOOKXEEDO and the artist, Wendy Anne Darling –

Wendy Ann Darling

UPDATE! By the end of day one of advertising Bookxeedo, one lucky author has already jumped at the chance to have a cover designed for 50% off the normal rate!

Four more 50% off specials left!



To see other covers already commissioned, scroll through the gallery below:


wendy made cover

Linda Vitale – ‘Scam Me Once…’ Non-Fiction


Wendy Anne Darling – ‘Silver Lightning.’

Sometimes I like to play and design. This is good because I end up with more ideas for new covers. Ideas who have yet to find a home follow.

Let me know if you have any ideas for your upcoming books and I’ll play with some concepts. You will be under no obligation to purchase.


‘One More Night,’ with a few tweaks, would work well as a romance cover. $70


‘Collision Course,’ would be great for Sci-Fi, or Non-fiction. $70


‘Travels in My Garden,’ would be great for a gardening themed book