The hands that hold the purses write the script And the hands of their minions are up the bums of exclusive, custom-designed puppets who shriek their lies in terror. Cute little wife you’ve got there, alone at your private address in your quiet little town… Just say the words, son, and it will all go […]

Join us for COLLEEN’S WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 101, “PLAN & FINISH,” #SYNONYMSONLY PLAN AND FINISH – USING SYNONYMS ASPIRATIONS AND COMPLETION. Our aspirations In full bloom, we are perfect In our completion. Flowering in the warm sun Sowing future’s seeds. We reach for heights unconquered, with dreams in our souls that defy […]

Anxiety grips my heart, I am surrounded by the dark — hemmed in by its suffocating embrace. I cannot feel the way before me and a thousand screams fill the void where I stood. In desperation, I lift my eyes and see a glimpse of silver in the storm clouds. When your path is blocked […]

Gripping and suspenseful! HOT OFF AUDIBLE! ‘The Haunting of Gawthorpe House’ audio book, written by Jack Lewis and narrated by yours truly, Wendy Anne Darling, has just posted on Audible! Should be on Amazon and iTunes within a day or two. Check out the five minute audio sample here!   Publisher’s Summary “Everyone always said […]

I just found an amazing quote by Sir Ken Robinson (2009). For me, it encapsulates a lot of what I believe is throwing our ‘CIVILIZED’ world into chaos. Here it is: “We have evolved this powerful sense of imagination. What happens in all times of conflict and cruelty is we shut empathy off so that […]