CHANGE AND BALANCE BALANCE AND CHANGE April 27th, 2016 (I hope this isn’t a Flowers for Algernon day…)   4-27-16 Balance coupled with Change is the answer to everything. I realized this today! I understand it all today. I hope I still understand everything tomorrow. I’m going to write everything down, just in case. Every, […]

I’ll preface today’s post by admitting that my imagination is a little like an old bed sheet that has been used as a picnic blanket; every now and again it needs to be taken outside and shaken to get rid of all the crumbs, dead bugs, and evidence of food fights. Sometimes it even needs […]

This print can be purchased on eBay here Day 6 of my challenge to myself to write something on my blog every day for a month and make writing my GOOD HABIT. For your listening pleasure: the phenomenal Barbara Dickson singing ‘Caravans,’ written by Mike Batt (yes, he wrote all the Wombles songs as well!) […]

I found an old file from my days as a paralegal student at Central New Mexico Community College, where I graduated in 2010. It was on an old thumb drive that I had long since forgotten contained work from those days. I wrote this essay as a look at the American justice system in contrast […]

THE UNEXPECTED PUN My ex-husband never understood my love of puns. To him, they were ‘constructs.’ Put together purposefully and, therefore, not funny. He liked to tell me that HE laughed at real-life, funny incidents. Well – Mike could laugh at mathematical equations. Mike went to OXFORD… ‘Nuff said. What he never understood about me […]