GOODNIGHT, LEXI-BEAR   And so, the day comes, when yet another friend goes home. When all sins are forgiven When they glow like a saint with a wonky halo.   When we choose to forget the multitudinous mornings That we picked up trash and uttered curses Stepping on coffee grounds and squishy somethings After another […]

Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week’s challenge word is ‘REBIRTH.’ Yesterday, I saw a video posted on Youtube of J.K. Rowling, talking about failure, It is one of the most heart wrenching and inspiring things I’ve ever seen and so jammed packed with fabulous quotes that I could NOT pick just one and […]

RECYCLING MAGIC   I could always count upon my nana When I needed baskets of fresh words. Just picked – So sweet – And so delicious!   I would roll them on my tongue, Tasting each, and every one And I built them Into New and different Tales.   The ultimate recycler, I Sift swiftly […]

MAGIC 101 Within this story we call life All have a part to play. A tortured soul who leaves his mark; A long soliloquy.   Or the child who leaves his marbles out And clueless, foils the thief.   And Magic lives…   Though evil falls with vicious wrath Yet, still, the scales must balance: […]

Click here to join us on Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge! This week, the challenge is ‘Vintage.’ It probably won’t surprise anybody that several of the items that are precious to me are books! Aside from having succeeded in purchasing replacement copies of all the childhood books I loved and lost when my family moved to […]

The Tale of Dracon and Anarion Jones   Anarion Jones, with her dark hair flying Walks Welsh mountainsides on tiptoe, As if she purely skims this Earth Yet never touches it.   Dreaming of flying, her long skirt rustling, like a flurry of autumn leaves She bathes in banks of daffodils Their sun-warmed scent like […]

THE ALCHEMIST In the apothecary of her mind She seeks the ingredients to weave her magic For an incantation that does not reside in any spell-book. This must be hers, and hers alone. Upon the dusty shelves she seeks them Some, well-used, and almost worn away Yet others, lurking near the back wall, Still gleaming […]

AN UNUSUAL ENCOUNTER Some days are different from all other days. Other days, months, years seem to pivot on days like today. I was hungry, and I went dumpster-diving behind the local grocery store. And, suddenly, life ceased being normal. Next to the dumpster, stood a huge unicorn; his horn sparkling in the Colorado sun, […]