Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday over at Silver Threading! Check out Colleen’s fabulous Fall poem. ♥   This year, especially, I begrudge the start of Autumn. After breaking my hip 4 weeks ago, I felt as if I was forced to merely observe the second half of summer through shaded glass, from a hospital […]

Join us for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week’s challenge word is ‘REBIRTH.’ Yesterday, I saw a video posted on Youtube of J.K. Rowling, talking about failure, It is one of the most heart wrenching and inspiring things I’ve ever seen and so jammed packed with fabulous quotes that I could NOT pick just one and […]

Join us for #WQWWC – #Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Adventure  “Why are you doing that?” I enjoy doing that.” “But what about your potential? You’re great at math and customer service…” “Thank you, but I would rather die.” “Don’t be so dramatic!” “But, I AM dramatic” “Well… stop it!” “Can’t.” “Yes, you can!” […]

Join us and Colleen of Silver Threading for another Wednesday Writer’s Quote challenge! Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is ‘inspiration.’ Or post something else that resonates with you right now! I’m not a big fan of George R.R. Martin, but this quote from him inspires me both to read and write more! […]